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Evaluation of Bread Blends Using Pure Honey Substitute for Sugar in Bread Baking Quality
J. A. Adeyeye, S. S. Sekoni, E. A. Adekanye
Babcock University; University of Lagos
December 2014

This study was under taken to find an alternative for sugar as a sweetener in bread baking quality. Data collection on sensory evaluation of pure honey bread was done through a structured questionnaire in line with the objectives of the study. Forty five (45) untrained panel members scored the pure honey bread on: bread texture, aroma, bread volume, taste, top crumb color subjectively. Data collected were subjected to descriptive analysis that involved the use of variables, frequency and percentage scores. Also simple correlation analysis of Pearson Multiple range test was done to indicate the relationship that may exist among the variables. Majority (75%) respondents were males while minority (25%) respondents were female that evaluated the pure honey bread. Majority (85%) respondents rated the appearance and color of pure honey bread as excellent while minority indicated that the bread loaf possess a fairly good texture with acceptable appearance. There was a positive and highly significance (P < 0.05) correlation (0.469 ⃰ ) between bread volume and bread taste. This positive correlation indicated that pure honey bread dough with appreciable rise in bread volume would likely have an excellent taste appeal. Finally majority (70%) respondents indicated that pure honey would be a suitable replacement sweetener for sugar since pure honey is a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index than sugar and is safe to use for bakery products.
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