acta satech Journal of the Life & Physical Sciences Babcock

Instructions and Guidelines for Contributors

Scope of the Journal

The Journal accepts the following submissions for consideration:
1. Research article
2. Review article
3. Short communication
4. Letters to the Editor (this may not be peer review)
5. Commentaries (a report on a paper already published in acta SATECH)

Articles are accepted in the areas of Basic and Applied Sciences, Agriculture, Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology.
All submitted manuscripts to acta-SATECH will be subjected to a peer-review process
Ethical Conduct: Papers will be screened for plagiarism status, similarly where research involves the use of animals or human, there is need to submit ethical clearance.
Papers are reviewed for publication with the understanding that:
a) The manuscript is the original work of the author(s).
b) No substantial parts of the manuscript have been or will be published elsewhere.
c) The manuscript have not been submitted simultaneously to another Journal
d) The manuscript have not been accepted for publication in another Journal.
e) Any form of conflict of interest be disclosed.
f) The source of data used in the development of the manuscript must be acknowledge.
g) The manuscript does not run foul of all forms of academic misconducts like plagiarism.
Submitted manuscript must have been run through appropriate tool(s) and made to satisfy all rules of academic ethics and conduct.
A written declaration duly signed by all authors stating that the article has not been published or accepted or submitted for publication elsewhere, must accompany the initial correspondence to the Editor – in – Chief.

Preparation of manuscript
Manuscripts should be submitted as e-mail attachment to Editor – in – Chief, acta SATECH, School of Science and Technology, Babcock University, Ilishan – Remo, Ogun State. E-mail:
Each of the following sections should begin on a new page: Title page: Abstract; Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Acknowledgements, References; Tables; Legends to figures; Plates and other illustrations.

Title Page
The title page should indicate the following
1. Title of the article;
2. Names and initials of author(s);
3. The department and institution where the work was done;
4. Name and address of corresponding author;
5. Key words (maximum of eight) all written in lower case letters.

The manuscripts must carry a good summary of not more than 200 words.

Tables should have a descriptive title at the top and be typed double spaced and submitted in triplicate and numbered in Arabic (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.). internal or vertical lines should be avoided. Minimal footnotes identified by lower case superscript letters are preferable.

Figures and Plates
Figures and pages should be titled at the lower side of the figure.
Legends to Figures and Plates are to be numbered in Arabic numerals (1,2,3,4, etc.) and typed consecutively on a single page. Lettering, numbering and symbols should be of high contrast, neat and large enough to be legible when reduced for publication. Identify each Figure or Plate numbering on the back, lightly in pencil, with author(s) name and Figure/Plate number.

Substantially, the journal follows the APPA guidelines. In the body of the manuscript, up to two authors may be quoted but if there are more than two authors only the first author should be listed, followed by etal and year of publication.
In the body of the manuscript, up to two authors may be quoted but if there are more than two authors only the first author should be listed, followed by etal and year of publication.
References to Journals should indicate: name(s) of author(s), date of publication, title of article, name of Journal (in italics), volume, number, page numbers e.g.
Adekemi, E. (2003). Cytological Studies of Allium ceparoot cellsCytologia, 1(11) 20 – 28.
References to Books/Monographs should be:
a. Slepecky, R. A. (1978) Resistant forms: In Essays in Microbiology, J.R. Norris and M.H. Richard (eds.) New York: John Wiley and Sons, 231 – 250.
b. Balows, A;Truper, H.G. and Schleifer, K.H. (1992).The Prokaryotes, 2nd, ed.
New York, Springer – Verlag 699pp.

In disciplines requiring specialized naming, authors should follow the current International Rules of Nomenclature in naming the organisms. For example, in the Biological Sciences, each should be identified by genus, species, authority (if applicable), varietal names (in single quotes), breeds, races and accession numbers. In taxonomic papers, the complete authorities and dates are required.
Binomials should be underlined in type – written copy (or italicized) and fully spelt out the first time they are used. The trade names of commercial pesticides, growth regulators and other chemical products should be preceded by their chemical nomenclature and followed by a listing of the concentration of active ingredients (ai).

Author Inquiries

All enquiries relating to the submission, review and acceptance of articles should be directed to or Review Procedure and Policy Manuscripts are reviewed by scholars with expertise in the research area. Selection of all reviewers is at the discretion of the Editor in Chief. Manuscripts receiving two favourable reviews will be provisionally accepted. Copies of the reviewers' comments will be returned to the author(s) for necessary revisions. The revised manuscript is then submitted electronically to and copied Editorial verdict on each paper shall be conveyed to the corresponding author including reasons for rejection.

The publication fee is N25,000 for Nigeria and outside Nigeria is $100, payable up to 48 hours on acceptance. Additional costs are charged for hard copy, when applicable.

All accepted and published papers will be accessed online at Final acceptance of a manuscript is contingent upon strict compliance with Journal format, style and academic standard of acta SATECH @ Official Publication of the School of Science and Technology. Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria. ISSN 15971007

All correspondence to the Editor-in-Chief, School of Science and Technology, Babcock University, Ilishan Remo Ogun state, Nigeria, or actasatech