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Some biochemical parameters in Gallus domesticus and heavy metal content of oil –polluted areas of Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, Nigeria.
* Chinyelu Helen Madukosiri, and Dressman, Tari-ila Nathan
Department of Chemical Sciences, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Serum glucose and liver ascorbic acid levels in Gallus domesticus , and heavy metal content of some parts of oil – polluted soil of Yenagoa city were determined in order to access the level, and the effect of pollution in those areas . Random sampling method was employed for the selection of the free-range birds used for the experiment. Spectrophotometric analysis was used to determine the hydrocarbon and glucose levels; while absorption spectrophotometry was used for the assessment of the heavy metals in the various soil samples. Our results showed that the hydrocarbon and heavy metal contents from contaminated soil were above levels recommended. The ascorbic acid levels in the control and test birds were 3.60.48 and 1.4  0.32 mmole/L respectively. The values for serum glucose were 4.93  0.39 and 100.89 mmole/L respectively. These differences are significant (p<0.05) and suggest the presence of stressors in the environment. Further studies are necessary to determine the effect of this pollution on the residents of Yenagoa.
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