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Global distribution of Fumonisin B1 A review
K.O. Idahor
Department of Animal Science, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Shabu-Lafia Campus, P.M.B. 135, Lafia, 950101, Nigeria.

Fumonisin B1 (FB1) is one of the toxins associated with several species of Fusarium. It was reported to be commonly found in maize and maize- based products. Thus, several surveys on the natural occurrence worldwide have been conducted.. Some of the reviewed results indicated 82% occurrence in the samples investigated in Oceania. Elsewhere in Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia, 77%, 85%, 63%, 53% and 52% occurrences respectively were recorded. The highest incidence was reported in maize-based feeds, ground maize products, maize kernels and maize-based foods in this order. This review notes that in the range of values reported, the lowest limits were less than the safe levels recommended for humans and animals excepting in USA. On the other hand, some of the highest limits were higher than the safe levels .It was observed that human exposure to FB1 estimate for Switzerland and South Africa as well as animal exposure in USA, Italy and Brazil were very alarming. It is therefore hoped that this review will instigate the interests of the scientific world and others to act in a positive direction to safe guard our society from this fast occurring and spreading mycotoxins in our environments. This could be achieved through enlightenment programs on mycotoxicoses and strict adherence to agronomic practices, to ensure production of wholesome agricultural commodities.
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