acta satech Journal of the Life & Physical Sciences Babcock

The Garden of Eden, The Number and Computer Systems
Olawale J. Omotosho
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Babcock Univeristy, Ilishan-Remo, Nigeria
Received November 5th, 2003, revised version received March 3rd, 2004, accepted May 5th, 2004

Many people forget the origin of knowledge about things they know because it appears to have grown with them for a long time they think it is natural to feel this way. Some people even think that if it is not, what would have been the alternative? The study about Number Systems reveals this phenomenon most clearly. This paper is therefore positioned to highlight this common assumption and relate it to our world which is described in this paper as a Decimal World System as opposed to a Binary World System. These two world systems are compared and traced to an Ideal World System that every man is longing to end up with. The Ideal World System is mainly being approached through different religions today worldwide. This paper tries to establish a technological approach to attaining an Ideal World System through a Binary World System, the computer age approach. However, this is not to say that inheritance to Eternal Life is obtainable through technology, rather it is to make man be aware of how far the devil has taken him away from the ideal.
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