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Mitigating Climate Change through Organic Agriculture: A Case Study of Farmersí Participation in Organic Farming Practices in Nasarawa State, Nigeria
*Umar H. S. & Ibrahim H. Y.
Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Nasarawa State University, Keffi. PMB 135 Lafia- Shabu Campus, Nigeria.
Accepted: September 9, 2011

The study was designed to assess the level of farmersí perception of what constitutes climate change and their participation in organic farming practices in a rural farming community using a sample of 63 randomly selected farmers. The results show that there is a general awareness of climate change among the respondents. In addition, majority of the farmers considered the rise in temperature as the most prominent indicator of climate change in the study area. The major specific index of climate change was the late onset of rainfall. The farmers moderately participated in organic farming practices but not deliberately to mitigate climate change. It was therefore recommended that extension agents should enlighten farmers on the potentials of organic farming practices in mitigating climate change.
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