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The Water Chemistry and Periphytic Algae at a Cage Culture Site in a Tropical Open Lagoon in Lagos
I. C. Onyema
Department of Marine Sciences, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.
Accepted: September 15, 2011

Investigations into the water chemistry and periphytic algae attached to a cage culture system in the Lagos lagoon was investigated for 7 months (Jan. - Aug. 2010). Increased salinity conditions were recorded as sampling progressed into the dry season (from Jan. - April) whereas reducing salinities were recorded as the wet season advanced (May Aug.). Micro-algal diversity attached to the Polyvinyl Chloride (P.V.C.). pipes were rich (33 species) and the diatoms dominated in terms of diversity (18 species) whereas the green algae (2 species), the euglenoids (4 species) and the blue- green algae (9 species) were the other algal groups represented. The effects of nutrient enrichment from fish feed were probably quite local and affected by the hydrological flow dynamics operating in the culture site area of the lagoon. Furthermore, the levels of nutrients around the cage culture site were largely controlled by the tidal and rain induced seasonal flow. The periphytic algal components were a reflection of prevailing water chemistry characteristics per time.
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