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Factors Influencing Consumption of Zobo Drink among Nigeria Private University Undergraduates
Adeoye, B. K., Agbato, S.O., Ngozi, E.O., Ayelaagbe M. B.
Babcock University

This research was conducted so as to obtain information about factors determining consumption of zobo drink among undergraduates of a Nigerian Private University. Structured questionnaires were distributed to 300 respondents drawn randomly from different faculties of the University. Information on their socio- demographic data, reasons for consuming or for not consuming zobo drink and frequency of consumption was obtained. The results obtained were expressed in percentages. Female respondents (63%) were more than male respondents (37%). More than 50% of the respondents were Yoruba, 29% were Ibo while 12% were Hausa. 70% were Christian while the Muslim were 28%. 71% of the respondents consume zobo drink for various reasons: 42.25% consume zobo drink due to its functional and nutritive value, 30.96% consume zobo as result of its low price, 21.12% consume due to its availability while 5.63% consume zobo because of its organoleptic properties. From frequency of consumption, 52.11% consume zobo drink once a week. 39.28% of those not consuming zobo drink, dislike its taste while 28.57% were not aware of the functional and nutritional value. More than 50% of the respondents were not aware of the functional and nutritive value of zobo drink. There is a need for more awareness on benefits of zobo drink especially above carbonated drinks.
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