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Evaluation of Triticale and Wheat Grains for Cookie-Baking Characteristics
Adeyeye, J. A1.; Singh, B.O.1 Doboblaise, E. P.2
1 Food Chemistry Laboratory, Alabama A. & M. University, Huntsville, Alabama 2Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory, Alabama A & M. University, Normal, Alabama

This study was conducted to evaluate the cookie-baking potentials of Triticale and wheat grains cultivars and identifying the quality that will satisfy the various usage of baking by Americans families living in the southern states of USA. The major lines used consisted of six triticale lines grown in three locations of Huntsville, Tuskegee and Marion Junction and nine additional wheat lines grown in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Cleaned grain seeds were tempered to moisture level of 11-13% under the ambient room temperature, and milled on a Brabender Quadramat Junior Mill (ACT, Ohio). Data were collected on yield of flour rate, middling and grain bran that were calculated and expressed as percentage of the total milled fraction. Data were further subjected to analysis of variance and the differences among the means were compared by Duncan Multiple Range Test. Triticale AM 2149 had the highest amount of flour protein while AM 2873 had the lowest percentage of flour protein. Wheat flour of Coker 68-15 had the highest cookie diameter among the wheat and triticale lines. Triticale AM 2863 had the highest baking volume, while AM 2149 had the lowest baking volume. The cookie diameter of triticale grain flour was negatively correlated to flour protein and sedimentation values, while there was a positive correlation between cookie volume and flour ash among wheat lines. Farinograph, mixograph and alveograph data indicated that triticale flour was weak compared to wheat flour and was considered a desirable property of a good cookie baking flour. Wheat grain flour indicated a high baking strength that contributes to cookie volume than cookie spread. These results indicated that triticale flour can be used to prepare an acceptable cookie with desirable spread than cookie volume.
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