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Checklist of benthic phytomacrofauna associated with water hyacinth in Iyagbe Lagoon, Southwest Nigeria.
Uwadiae, Roland Efe
Benthic Ecology Unit, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Lagos Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.
3rd of April 2017

A checklist of benthic phytomacrofauna in 0.1 m2 quadrat samples collected on a monthly basis from eight sampling sites for a period of seven months (November, 2013-May, 2014) from Iyagbe Lagoon, Southwest Nigeria is reported. Annelida, Arthropoda and Mollusca were the phytomacrofauna groups observed in this study. Of the twenty-eight species recorded, Arthropoda contributed fourteen species, Mollusca, eight species and Annelida recorded six species. The phytomacrofauna community observed in this study is consistent with those reported for Nigerian fresh and brackish water conditions.
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