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Evaluation of pollution potential of wastewaters from some hair dressing salons in Makurdi metropolis
*Tyohemba, R.L1, Atsar, F. S1., Ajegi, J. O2. Upelle, U. C3. & Uzah, T. T1
1Department of Chemistry, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria 2Department of Chemistry, College of Education, Oju, Nigeria 3Department of Integrated Science, College of Education, Oju, Nigeria
September 2017

The study was carried out to evaluate the pollution potential of hair dressing salons in Makurdi metropolis. Physicochemical parameters (BOD, COD, pH, phenols, TPH, oil and grease) were analyzed using standard methods while heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Pb, Ni) were analyzed with AAS and the average values were recorded. The results obtained were compared with the FEPA, USEPA and WHO permissible limits for wastewater. The values of physicochemical parameters were within nationally and internationally limits for waste water except TPH and phenols values which are above the recommended DPR limit value of 0.6ppm for groundwater and below 1000ppm for soil as well as 10 ppm limits of FEPA. The values recorded for the heavy metals were above the USEPA permissible limit. Thus, the wastewater has the potential of polluting the environment and there is need for adequate treatment before disposed into the environment.
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