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Physico-chemical parameters and macrobenthos of an estuarine creek and an artificial pond in Lagos, southwestern Nigeria
Ogunwenmo, Christiana A. & Osuala, I. A.
University of Lagos, Faculty of Science, Department of Marine Sciences, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria
Received: 6 Sept., 2003 Revision accepted: 18 Sept., 2004

Physico-chemical parameters, sediment type and macrobenthic fauna of an estuarine creek and artificial pond in the western region of Lagos lagoon were studied between January and July 2001. Temporal, physical and chemical parameters of the water and sediment were normal for the tropics, however the pH was alkaline throughout the study and sediment was solely silt. Succession had occurred in the artificial pond, and density and diversity of macrobenthic fauna were low. Six species belonging to the phyla Annelida, Mollusca and Arthropoda occurred. The effect of human induced stressors had resulted in an unstable physically controlled environment characterized by a low density of a few species.
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