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The use of Fungal Glucoamylase Enzyme for the Production of Glucose Syrup from Cassava Starch
Akinola, S. O. & Ayanleye, T. A.
Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Biotechnology Department, Oshodi, PMB 21023, Ikeja, Lagos 100 001, Nigeria
Received: 6 Dec., 2003 Revision accepted: 30 Dec. 2004

Glucoamylase was obtained from the solid state fermentation of rice bran using Aspergillus niger. The enzyme extract was used in the hydrolysis of cassava starch to produce glucose syrup. The enzyme activity of the glucoamylase was 200 mg glucose/g/ml enzyme. Hydrolysis of starch was by acid hydrolysis and the use of enzyme. The glucose syrup obtained had a pH of 5.9, specific gravity 1.0033, total reducing sugars 30.4%, total solids 80% and dextrose equivalent 38%. The physical and chemical properties of the cassava glucose syrup were compared with two other tested samples.
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