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Oxidative stability of palm oil (elias guineesis) at different storage conditions
Mustapha, A. O.
Department of Chemical, Geological and Physical Sciences, College of Pure and Applied Sciences, Kwara State University Malete, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
July 2019

The influence of presence/absence of air and presence and absence of light on the oxidation of palm oil (Elias Guineesis) from 3 to 15 days at the laboratory storage conditions: (i) oil kept in airtight container in the presence of (ii) Oil kept in airtight container in the absence of light (iii) Oil kept in open container in the presence of light (iv) Oil kept in open container on the bench in the absence of light in the laboratory for two weeks duration were studied. The analyses were on the changes in chemical characteristics such as acid, iodine, peroxide and saponification values using the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) methods. The results from the four storage conditions of palm oil showed no significant changes (p < 0.5) in the chemical parameters except for iodine values for the storage period. The changes in the levels of iodine values of palm oil at both daylight (40.98 mgKOH/g) and presence of air (38.64 mgKOH/g) were very significant (p < 0.5). Saponification value (324.34 mgKOH/g) was the highest changing parameter in palm oil on exposure to daylight and 312.50 mgKOH/g on exposure to air/oxygen storage conditions. The oxidative stability of palm oil as functions of chemical parameters were generally dependent on the mode of storage.
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