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Knowledge and attitude of adult men towards childlessness in Southern Nigeria
*Aina, F. O1.; Dada, S.O2. and Sanni, N.F1.
1 Department of Maternal and Child Health,School of Nursing, Babcock University 2 Office of Research, Innovation and International Cooperation, Babcock University
July 2020

Childlessness has been a social issue of great concern in the society because of its negative effect on individuals, family and the society at large. These effects may have personal, social, emotional or political significance which include broken home, depression and domestic violence. This study investigates the knowledge and attitude of adult men towards childlessness in Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Idi Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State. This descriptive cross-sectional study utilised a validated questionnaire. Reliability of the questionnaire was done through Cronbach Alpha measure. A coefficient of 0.75 was obtained. A total enumeration sampling method was adopted to include 300 adult men attending general outpatient department in FMC, Abeokuta. However, a total of 218 gave informed consent and were the ones used as for the study. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics at P<0.05. The mean respondents’ age was 35.4±5.2. Majority (42.0) were Christian and 40.0% were Muslims. While 59.0% were unemployed, 73.0% were single. The mean attitude score was 16.5±3.5. Majority (74.0%) of the respondents had negative attitude while 26.0% had positive attitude towards childlessness. Results also showed that majority (54.0%) of the respondents had moderate knowledge about childlessness. The moderate knowledge documented in this study did not translate in to positive attitude among the respondents. A holistic health intervention such as health education and enlightenment should be carried out among men so as to change their attitude towards childlessness and see the health condition as not only women problem.
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