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Quality evaluation of mixed fruit juices using orange, pineapple, and ginger extracts
Akinlade A R1.; Agbaje F. O1.; Gbadamosi, O. F2; , Ifebajo, A. Y3. and Ngozi, E. O1.
1Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Babcock University, Ilishan-remo, OgunState, Nigeria. 2Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria. 3Department of Home Economics Education, Federal College of Education (Tech), Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria.
October 2020

This research aimed to evaluate the quality of fruit juices mix and produced from orange, pineapple, and ginger extract. The fruit juices were blended and produced in five different sample combinations for quality assessment. Each portion was analysed for its nutritional and sensory qualities. These sampling combinations included Samples A through F, which contained different proportions of orange, pineapple, and ginger extract mix. Sensory evaluation was conducted using a selected panel that scored the quality assessment in triplicate. The data collected were subjected to Analysis of Variance (< 0.05) also the Duncan Multiple Range Test was used to separate the statistical means. Results under the physicochemical tests indicated that Sample E had the highest pH value (6.10), Sample B the highest TTA (0.24), and Sample D had the highest TTS (14.00). The nutritional evaluation result showed that Sample B had the highest protein content (1.25%), while Sample C had the highest fat content (0.28%). Sample D had the highest moisture content (91.57%), followed by Sample D that had the highest energy content (64.20%), Sample E had the highest Vitamin C content (68.55%), and Sample A had the highest antioxidant activity (0.14%). The sensory evaluation assessment result showed that Sample F had the highest values for: colour, aroma, taste, and overall acceptability scores Fruit juice produced from orange, pineapple, and ginger extracts were partially acceptable to the panellists, perhaps because of the pungent aroma taste from ginger extracts.
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