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Comparative evaluation of different protocols and strains on sperm characteristics parameters of FUNAAB alpha chickens
1 Ndubuisi-ogbonna, L. C., 2Daramola, J.O., 1*Akintunde, A.O., 1Abdullah, A-R and 1Afodu O.J.
1 Department of Agriculture and Industrial Technology, Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria 2 Department of Animal Physiology, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria
September, 2021

Semen preservation is an essential tool used for a successful application of artificial insemination in livestock industry. Studies on semen quality characteristics on poultry breeds and strains after cryopreservation have been carried out but none has been reported for Nigeria FUNAAB alpha chickens. This study was carried out to evaluate the different cryoprotocols on viability of cryopreserved spermatozoa of different strains of FUNAAB alpha chickens. Thirty cocks 25-30 weeks old of normal feather, naked neck and frizzle feather of FUNAAB alpha chickens were used for this experiment. Semen samples were diluted in Tris-based extender and preserved using electric freezer (refrigeration and freezing) for 24 hours. The experiment was laid out in 3x2 factorial arrangements. Results showed that semen samples subjected to refrigeration protocols were comparable to control but had higher (p<0.05) percentage in motility and livability when compared to freezing protocol. Sperm abnormality was reduced (p<0.05) in refrigeration compared with freezing. There was no significant interaction between different cryoprotocols and strains of FUNAAB Alpha chickens for leukocyte and Reduced (p<0.05) acrosome integrity, membrane integrity, leukocyte and malondialdehyde were observed in freezing when compared to refrigeration. Motility of the NF, NN and FF were comparable in refrigerated semen and control. The study concluded that sperm viability of refrigerated spermatozoa were better than the frozen spermatozoa of Normal Feather (NF), Naked Neck (NN) and Frizzle Feather (NF).
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