acta satech Journal of the Life & Physical Sciences Babcock

Karyotypic analysis and meiotic chromosomes in eight taxa of Solanum species (Solanaceae)
*Oyelana A. Olatunji *
Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Department of Basic and Applied Sciences, PMB 21244, Ikeja, Lagos 100 001, Nigeria
Received: 31 Oct. 2005 Revision accepted: 14 Nov. 2005

Chromosome counts revealed n=12, 24 and 2n=24, 48 for the diploid and tetraploid species respectively. Chromosomes were symmetrical in Solanum erianthum, S. torvum and S. indicum var. distichum while the varieties of S. melongena and S. macrocarpon showed few asymmetric chromosomes. In these varieties, meiotic abnormalities revealed clumps, univalents, multivalents and bridges. From homomorphic pairing, chromosomes were all long in the varieties of S. melongena. They were 7 long and 5 short in S. macrocarpon population I and, 5 long and 7 short in populations II and III. In S. erianthum and S. gilo, chromosomes were 6 long and 6 short and, 8 long and 4 short respectively. Homomorphic pairing revealed structural details of the chromosomes and their possible origin. Meiotic chromosomes suggest past contact with foreign genes through hybridization which explains the rationale for the emergence of different adaptive features in the species. The evolution of the different chromosome races is discussed.
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