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The resonance method of determining the Dielectric constant of a specimen (A4 paper)
1. Kwaha, B. J. & 2. Enyinna, E.
1. University of Jos, Department of Physics, Jos, Plateau State. Nigeria. 2. Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria.
March 2007

An LC based resonance circuit consisting of precision electrodes was used to determine the dielectric constant of A4 paper. The resonance of the circuit (with air as the dielectric) was first determined by continuously adjusting the fine and coarse control knobs of the variable capacitor of the LC tank. The half power bandwidth bo of the resonance curve was found by adjusting the fine control. The A4 specimen was then inserted appropriately. A new resonance curve with new halfpower bandwidth was obtained. The dielectric constant of the A4 paper specimen was 1.203, which was close to the expected from published works. The resonance method is flexible and may be used to determine the dielectric constant of industrial material such as lubricating, transformer and melon oil, and other paper types.
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