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Antibody Response to pfMSP 1-19 in an Adult Urban Population
Oyewole Isaac O.
Department of Basic and Applied Sciences, Babcock Uinversity, Ilishan Remo, Nigeria.
Received October 1st, 2003, revised version February 10th, 2004, accepted February 18th, 2004

In a cross-sectional survey of an adult urban population, blood samples collected were examined for parasitemia, packed cell volume (PCV), anti-MSP 1-19 antibody titres and haemoglobin genotype. ELISA results showed that 96.3% had antibody response to MSP 1-19 while 74.3% were of genotype AA, 22.9% were AS, 1.8% were AC and 0.9% was SS. Plasma level of anti- MSP 1-19 antibody were not associated with patent parasitemia. The parasite density was significantly higher in females than males (p<0.05). There was no statistical difference in the level of parasitemia and anti-MSP 1-19 antibody tires compared with different residential locations (P>0.05). Parasite density was not significantly different in-patient with HbAA, and HbAS and between those that use protective measures and those without (P>0.05). Parasitemia level was generally low in young adult urban population although antibodies to falciparum malaria were present in all.
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