acta satech Journal of the Life & Physical Sciences Babcock

Effects of infertility on married couples and nursesí interventions
Kollie E.
Department of Nursing Science, Babcock University, Ilisan ĖRemo. Ogun State, Nigeria.

Infertility causes undue stress and strain on the family life of the couple and their social life as well. This paper is a literature review on the condition, its effect on the couple, and the nursesí role shown through research study to be adequate nursing interventions that will assist affected couples. The intention of this paper is to explore through a literature review, the issue of infertility from the clinical nurse specialistís perspective. The significance lies in the fact that the group affected; married couples tend to manifest behavioral conditions and mal adjustments to social pressures and individual frustrations at the failure to have children. The type of care that is emphasized is follow-up care, utilizing health promotion strategies and emotional wellbeing of couples battling with this problem. A review of empirical studies done on infertility was done showing factors that predispose a couple to the condition, the effects on their family and individual well-being, the personal and social adjustments that it causes, advanced practice nursesí role in assisting affected couples, and evidence-based practice that addresses the problems of affected couples. The application of the Leiningerís Sunrise Model, a model that can guide the nursesí intervention was included in the review.
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