acta satech Journal of the Life & Physical Sciences Babcock

Pattern of growth and associated dietary practices of junior high school adolescents in a south western Nigerian community
Allen-Alebiosu O. I., S. P. Owolabi & G. N. Aja
Department of Public & Allied Health, Babcock University, Ilisan –Remo. Ogun State, Nigeria.

This study assessed the pattern of growth of 300 adolescents in two public secondary schools in south west of Nigeria. Questionnaires to ascertain adolescents’ dietary practices were used, and some anthropometric measurements to determine their height and weight were conducted. The results show that majority of the respondents (80%) had three square meals daily and ate different types of fruits per day. More than half (52%) were underweight, 15.3% were malnourished, and 7.7% were overweight. Only a quarter were well nourished. Compared to the NCHS/WHO recommended Standards, this study reveals that female adolescents had larger values for weight and height than male adolescents (p<.05). A well articulated nutrition education programme aimed at improving the food consumption habits of school age adolescents should be adequately addressed.
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