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Biochemical and microbiological quality of frozen fishes available in some supermarkets in Lagos State, Nigeria.
*C. E. Oramadike, Ibrahim A. O. and Kolade O. Y.
Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research P. M. B. 12729, Victoria Island, Lagos

Investigations on biochemical and microbiological qualities of some frozen fishes available in some reputable supermarkets in Lagos State were carried out . The temperature at the time of purchase was -18oC. The free fatty acid (FFA) of all the fishes ranged between 0.13-0.35%, the trimethylamine (TMA) values ranged from 3.69-8.40 mg- N/100g and the total volatile bases (TVB) ranged from 8.4- 21.0 mg- N/100g. Total bacterial count (TVC) ranged between 2.0 x 103- 7.4 x 103 CFU/g, total coliforms per gram ranged between 0 and 53 MPN/log and did not exceed acceptable total coliforms limit per gram for frozen fish. The sanitary, storage and hygienic conditions of the supermarkets were relatively the same. The study revealed that the sanitary and hygienic condition in which the frozen fishes were kept have a direct bearing on the quality of fish being sold at the supermarket.
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