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Antifungal activity of a Nigerian herbal plant Chrysanthellum americanum
* L. N. Ofodile, Kanife U. C. and Arojojoye B. J
Department of Biological Science, School of Science, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos

The water and methanol extracts of the leaves of Chysanthellum americanum were screened for antifungal activity using paper disc assay. The aqueous extract was active against Microsporum audouinii Trichophyton mentagrophyte, T. rubrum, Candida. tropicalis, Penicillum chrysogenum and Candida albicans. Methanol extract was not active against all the species of fungi. The susceptibility of the microorganisms to the aqueous extract of the leaves increased with increasing concentration. Microsporum audouinii, showed the highest susceptibility to the aqueous extract at 200mg/0.8ml. The least activity of the aqueous extract of C. americanum was against C. albican and at 50ml/0.8ml. The activity of aqueous extract on M, andouinii, C: albicans, T. rubrum, C. tropicalis, Penicillum chrysogenum and T. mentagraphyte was comparable to that of the standard (mycotin). Preliminary phytochemical screening of the leaves of the plant showed that Chrysanthelum americanum contained flavonoids, saponins and tannins.
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